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AS Math Node LW 9.0+

Akira Asagi
May 2, 2011

This node adds the following math functions:-
_CONSTANT_: PI(p,*2,/2,/4), Time (time,frame,FPS), Epsilon (DBL,FLT)
_SCALAR_: Abs, Degree, ErrFunc, Exp, Log2, Log10, Pow, Radian, Round, Sqrt, Trunc, ATan2, ACos, ASin, ATan, Cos, Sin, Tan, Add, Add4, Angle, Angle2, Clamp, Dist, Divide, Dot, Length, Max4, Min4, Multi, Multi4, Normalize, Subtract, Subtract4
_VECTOR_: Add, Div, Mul, Sub, Add Normalize, Angle, Clamp, Degree, Normalize, Radian, Rotate, Sign, Sub Normalize, Transform
_MATRIX_: Euler2Mat, Invert, Multi, Mat2Euler, Rotate, Slerp
_TOOL_: Cache, Color2rgb, Gloss2Power, Logic1, Logic2, MakeVector, MapRange, NoisyChan, SplitMtl, Vector2xyz, View


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