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ef ItemFocus LW 8.5+

Dan Dulberger
April 20, 2010

ItemFocus is a leaner variant of ItemVisibilityToggle. Instead of providing lots of different ways to hide and show items it provides only one way, but with a simple and effective workflow. ItemFocus works as a toggle. It's either on or its off. Activate ItemFocus to hide all unselected items. Deactivate to unhide them. This allows a user to quickly get a clear view of any item(s) of interest. This kind of function is sometimes called Solo or Isolate.

Options include:
* Evaluate selections as distinct items or hierarchies.
* Toggle active state for objects to hide them from renderer.
* Show a frame around the viewports when focus is actived. (Experimental/LW9.6 only)

Demonstration video is available on homepage.


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