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LDraw2lws LW 5.6+

Joern Thiemann
Aug. 14, 2000

- LDraw2lws is a stand alone program that converts LEGO models created with LDraw to Lightwave scenes and objects.

- It preservers all information about the surfaces from an LDraw Object (*.dat) and sets Lightwave surfaces accordingly. So its possible to modify the values in Lightwave Layout or Modeler.

- You can tell the program to use your custom modeled Lego parts which supposedly wil represent better approximations of the standard LDraw Lego parts. For example one "stud" on a brick is a cylinder approximation with just eight polygons for sides (very angular). You can tell LDraw2LWS to use your better approximations of these objects. (This last part I could not make work)

- It is possible to add the "LEGO" logo on every stud of an object.

- An internal algorithm reduces points of your objects.


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