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Spiral Staircase LW 7.5+

Michele Soraperra
Oct. 18, 2009

A spiral staircase script that build a basic spiral staircase with few options:
- set the position of the genrated stair: if two points are selected, the first point indicate the center of the stair (x,y,z) and the second point the starting rotation of the stair. If more of two poits are selected, the third and later are not considered. If no points are selected, the stair is builded in the center of the axis (0,0,0).
- generate a basic tubolar handrail (internal and/or external)
- generate a spiral spline (internal and/or external) instead of a handrail, as geometry reference to build a handrail on the builded stair
- generate surface names per polygons: rise, tread, intrados, loft link, handrail and spline handrail
- generate a part name

Those options are useful because each group of polygons, or the entire stair, are easy selectable in the polygon statistics for later editing.


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