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Zip-It 4 LW 7.5+

Simon Coombs
May 23, 2008

Need to take a scene file home? Or send it to an external render farm?

Zip-It 4 will pack your scene, objects, images (including sequences), and all external files into a zip file.

It's fast and reliable!

Building on changes to version 3, Zip-It 4 adds an intelligent file path parsing mechanism, that tolerates spaces in filenames, double slashes and tracks down the files.

This dramatically simplifies the config process - just give it the extensions to look for:
.bdd, .ies, .mdd, .pfx, etc.

Try it free for two weeks,
$20 or £10 to register.


Please Note:

The LightWave 3D® Group offers the third party plug-ins database as a courtesy and is not responsible for technical support or damage to your system or files from use.