Create Expo 2015 - A LightWave 3D Event

July 20 2015: Artists come together in the UK to show off how to use LightWave for everything from gaming to product design.

Posted: Tue 30 Jun 2015

***All actively enrolled students at the event can sign up to receive FREE LightWave 2015 Educational software***

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Anthony Hall and the team at Vision West Nottinghamshire College, UK are hosting a FREE event that brings together top LightWave talent in the UK to discuss and share the benefits of using LightWave for everything from gaming to product design to 2D illustrations. They will also share tips for using LightWave in production, lighting, rendering and more.

The Event is FREE. However, seating is limited and at the time of this post only 75 tickets are available. The so please don't book unless you are 100% committed to attending. 

Get Tickets Here:

Door prizes will be given away, including LightWave 2015, ChronoSculpt, and more.

Guest Speakers

Host:  Lino Grandi - 3D Content & Character Technology Lead at The LightWave 3D Group

Jonathan Alenska of Darkside Animation - The Legacy of Lightwave 3D

Simon Smalley of Fuzzy Frog - LightWave in gaming

Andrew Comb - Freelance Artist and Model Maker - LightWave Rendering.

Robert Taylor, 3D Designer at BYG Systems - Getting started with LightWave 3D

Mark Segasby of HDR Light Studio - The Art of Lighting

Duncan Hewitt of Albino Igil - Lightwave in Product design

Ian Thompson of Fuzzy Frog - Lightwave for 2D Illustrations

Andrew Otter of JCB - LightWave in Production

Ali Miah of Painting Pixals - The Benefits of Lightwave 3D