Makes Magic Button for LightWave

Artist-driven render farm company needs your help to test is new Magic Button for LightWave 3D

Posted: Thu 02 Jul 2015 needs the LightWave community to test its Magic Button solution for rendering LightWave scenes. GarageFarm is a team of technology and self-appointed *3D freaks* who believe rendering should be inexpensive and fast, so they launched the business in their garage – growing from two employees to 20. spokesperson Steven Scott says the company believes the artist should be set free without the restraints of render times hanging over their head, which is why it developed a render farm that is not only fast, but offers the best rates in the industry and 24/7 customer support.

According to Scott, "THE MAGIC BUTTON" was branded around the office for several weeks. It is essentially a one-click solution designed to automatically package your LightWave3D scene, Upload, then Render, while also supporting third-party plugins such as OctaneRender and exrTrader, and remembering scene elements like frame range and image export formats. has made  "The Magic Button" and now they need you to help test it. For more details, visit the LightWave 3D Forum and let them know you want to help. Post any questions or comments to the team and they will get back to you.