LightWave 11.5 Wins CGW Silver Edge Award

Computer Graphics World takes note of new features at SIGGRAPH 2012

Posted: Mon 01 Oct 2012

SIGGRAPH 2012 was the official reveal of of LightWave 11.5. Its many new features like the Genoma rigging system, After Effects support, Virtual Studio Tools, and more, excited artists and journalists alike—so much so that Karen Moltenbrey, chief editor of Computer Graphics World magazine awarded LightWave 11.5 a coveted Silver Edge Award for innovation at SIGGRAPH.

“Traditionally, SIGGRAPH has been the place where companies in the digital content creation realm show off their new products and technology, and this year was no different. At the exhibition, I saw quite a few new offerings, and a few were especially impressive—including LightWave 11.5, with the new Genoma modular character animation and instant rigging system,” says Karen Moltenbrey, chief editor of Computer Graphics World. “In fact, the release contains a number of new tools and features that are sure to please current users and make a number of converts out of others using competing products. Also, kudos to the company for placing the development and care of this amazing product in the hands of its own division, the LightWave 3D Group, under the guidance of its new president, Rob Powers. No doubt we will continue to see big things from them in the near future.”

Videos showcasing some of the many new features in LightWave 11.5 are below: