LightWave 3D Inspirations: Engram Studio

Engram studio knows how to use LightWave to create these breathtaking architectural CG renderings

Posted: Tue 13 Dec 2016

Once again, Engram Studio shows to the world the awesome power of LightWave by creating these incredible architectural images. Through a sophisticated use of photorealism bordering on hyperrealism, these top-quality renderings show buildings in all their glory while visually conveying overtones like contemporary urban edginess, avant-garde futuristic, or even at times a gloomy and ominous mood.

Lead 3D Artist, Paolo Zambrini said “Luckily with LightWave 3D, all the tools we need are easily accessible in a very efficient, ergonomic workflow. When it comes to having the right toolset for architectural modeling, nothing on the market can compete with LightWave.”

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