DEADLINE EXTENDED: LightWave 3D Spring Into Summer Challenge

New design challenge kicks into high gear - offers prizes from LightWave 3D Group, 3rd Powers, Wtools3D, Volumedic, DB&W, and Tool Chefs

Posted: Mon 15 Jun 2015

****UPDATE**** June 15, 2015


We have received many requests from artists for an extension of the final submission deadline, so we are officially moving it to the end of July 2015.

***UPDATE**** May 26, 2015

We are excited to announce we have a NEW SPONSOR in the LightWave Spring Into Summer Challenge!!!!

Render4You Renderfarm is offering 250 credits (worth 35 € or approximately $38) to each artist that submits a final entry (or entries) in the LightWave Spring into Summer Challenge! 


The Details

The LightWave 3D Group has launched a new design challenge  that offers  a treasure trove of terrific prizes for the winners!

LightWave 3D artists will have the opportunity to participate and win in two design areas - ART and ARCHVIZ. The caveat is that all entries must incorporate Mechanical Spring objects into their designs to qualify and be entered in the challenge. There are no limitations to your designs. Use your imagination, be really outrageous or magnificiently realistic. Just make sure you create your design in LightWave 3D and add "Springs" to the design. We offer many thanks to Peter Thiersch at for all his help in getting this challenge launched!

We encourage you to share your Works in Progress (WIPs) with the LightWave 3D Contest page on Facebook as the challenge unfolds. All final entries must be posted to the LightWave 3D Contest page on Facebook before the 11:59 pm (PST) deadline on  June 30, 2015. PLEASE NOTE: The deadline has been extended to  11:59 pm (PST) JULY 31, 2015.

There will be three prizes awarded to winners  in each category of ART and ARCHVIZ, with a special prize being awarded  in each category to the image that receives the most LIKES on the LightWave 3D Contest Facebook page .

Below are the many prizes  from our generous sponsors of the Spring into Summer Challenge. Be sure to read THE RULES and THE FINE PRINT at the bottom of the page, and let the challenge begin!

Category: Art

1st Prize: LightWave 2015, ChronoSculpt, and NevronMotion from the LightWave 3D Group

2nd Prize: Complete Tool Pack (LW Brush, Cage Deformer, Lattice Deformer, Meta Mesh, Boolean Tool, and Heat Shrink Plus)  from 3rd Powers

3rd Prize: VoluMedic CE from Volumedic

Special MOST LIKES Prize: shaderMeister from DB&W 

category: Archviz

1st Prize: LightWave 2015ChronoSculpt, and NevronMotion from the LightWave 3D Group

2nd Prize: LWCAD 5.0 from WTools3D

3rd Prize: Modeling Toolset from Tool Chefs 

Special MOST LIKES Prize: exrTrader from DB&W 

The prizes

LightWave 2015

Learn more about LightWave 2015 here.


Learn more about ChronoSculpt here


Learn more about NevronMotion here.

Wtools3d LWCAD 5.0

Learn more about the new features in LWCAD 5.0 here


3rd Powers COMPLETE Tool Pack

Learn more about the 3rd Powers Complete Tool Pack here. One of the many plugins being offered includes LWBrush (featured below). Winners will receive the Full Tools Set, which ihcludes LW Brush, Cage Deformer Lattice Deformer, Meta Mesh, Boolean Tool and Heat Shrink Plus. 

Volumedic CE 

Discover the features of Volumedic CE here and see how the volumedic rendering tools in the Volumedics plugin can boost your creativity .

Tool Chefs Modeling Toolset 

Learn how this new plugin can boost your modeling capabilities with a lattice tool, an edge slider and a sketch drag tool.  Learn more about Tool Chefs here.

DB&W exrTrader and  shaderMeister

shaderMeister  (image below) allows you to override the shading of surface on a scene by scene basis. This is accomplished by a shader plugin that is applied to all surfaces that should be overridden by shaderMeister. When rendering, the shader plugin will detect if a shaderMeister global shading network is present and then evaluate it. The shaderMeister global shading network itself is saved with the scene. A master handler plugin manages it. Once you have applied the shader to all surfaces in your current scene (which only needs to happen once and is automated by shaderMeister) you can thus override the surfacing on a scene by scene basis.

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exrTrader is a suite of plugins and provides complete support forOpenEXR in LightWave 3D. It includes free standard image loaders and savers supporting RGBA as well as an image filter plugin to save arbitrary buffers. OpenEXR is an HDR image file format featuring support for 16/32bit float and 32-bit integer pixels, multiple lossless compression schemes, support by all major compositing packages, and storage of multiple, arbitrary channels in a single file.

Rules of the Challenge

-  Participating artists must create original, unpublished work in LightWave 3D software and include Mechanical Springs as objects in their design. 

-  Artists are encouraged to post works in progress (WIPs) of their designs for community feedback to the LightWave 3D Contest page on Facebook.

-  Final entries must be clearly marked with the category they are submittting to (ART or ARCHVIZ) and posted  to the LightWave 3D Contest Facebook page on or before the 11:59 pm PST deadline on  June 30, 2015. >>>The deadline has been extended is July 31, 2015. To find your time zone for the deadline, click here and calculate your time from 11:59 pm PST,

- A final photo library of the ART and ARCHVIZ image submissions will be posted on the LightWave 3D Contest Facebook page once the challenge is concluded. There, visitors of the LightWave 3D Contest Facebook page will be encouraged to LIKE their favorite images. The ART and ARCHVIZ images  with the most likes, will receive the MOST LIKES Prize in their respective category.

- Three winners will be selected in each category directly by  the LightWave 3D Group. The Special MOST LIKES Prize will be awarded to one artist in each category who receives the most LIKES on the LightWave 3D Contest Facebook page. The images posted in the final image album following the contest may be shared around Facebook, the Web and other social media sites, but any LIKES these images receive outside the LightWave 3D Contest Facebook page will not be included or considered in the final tally.

- Participants may submit entries into both the ART and ARCHVIZ categories, but are eligible to  win in only one category.

The Fine Print

Your image submission to the LightWave Spring into Summer Challenge  on the LightWave 3D Contest page on Facebook, grants NewTek, Inc. and its representatives and agents the right, on a nonexclusive worldwide basis, to utilize, copy, duplicate, distribute, modify and display the content that you are providing to NewTek, in the manner NewTek determines in relation to NewTek’s Product sale, distribution, marketing (including trade shows and Internet), and development.

This consent may not be revoked, and extends to NewTek and its customers, distributors, designees and assignees of NewTek perpetually (or so long as allowed by law, but not less than 20 years).

NewTek's use of the content submitted requires no further consent from you nor requires payment to you.

By uploading an image you warrant and agree that you are the original creator and own the copyright to the image you submit, and that your submitting the image does not violate or conflict with the rights of any others in the image.

You further warrant that all or a significant percentage of the image was created with LightWave 3D Software.

NewTek, Inc. cannot be responsible for data loss and we reserve the right to include or exclude images without further explanation. Please be sure to backup and maintain all images that you submit.

You retain all ownership rights to the image(s) submitted.