Little Kitty

3D Artist Jose Maria Molina uses LightWave 3D to create the cutest cat in the world!

Posted: Mon 18 Jan 2016

The spanish animation studio Digital Mind brings to life the cutest cat in the world using LightWave 3D. "Little Kitty" was born with the aim of creating a funny character to make short animated videos. From modelling to animation, this studio uses the powerful LightWave Tools and the flexibility of Genoma to create these impressive videos. Four of them have been created already so check these out!

Jose Maria Molina: Thanks to Lightwave3D, we have all the tools we need to give life to this funny character. For the animation (IK), we mix Genoma, Spline Control for the spine and Classic Bones for the rig. For the fur, we used the power of FiberFX and the native LightWave render. We have not used any special technique, just patience, love and LightWave 3D!