Moritz Mayenhofer's Animated Short Film "Urs"

Posted: Wed 09 Jun 2010

For many years, Urs looked after his aging mother in a town that has long since seen better days. Determined to find a better life for the both of them, he embarks on a perilous journey up a mountain, carrying his mother on his back. But is it all worth it? 

This ambitious student thesis project was created with state of the art computer graphics tools, including LightWave 3D as a major part of its production pipeline. 

The Development of 'Urs' started in May 2006 with one image. Three labor-intensive years passed until the film premiered at ITFS Stuttgart.

'Urs' was produced at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. 
Writer/Director/Designer/Animation: Moritz Mayerhofer | Producer: Stina McNicholas | Associate producer: Jakob von Moers | Character TD: Jonas Jarvers | Music: Peter Gromer | Sounddesign: Michael J. Diehl | Foley: Marcus Neuberger | Backgrounds 2d/2.5d: Moritz Mayerhofer, Julia Ocker, Leszek Plichta, Johannes Schiehsl, Felix Mertikat, Martin Puttkammer, Stefanie Strauß, Louis Tardivier, Roland Petrizza, Daniel Brkovic | FX: Jan Locher, Michael Lederhuber, Stefan Habel, Benjamin Swiczinsky, Hendrik Panz, Moritz Mayerhofer | UVs: Oliver Vogel / Gregor Bödecker | Shading: Michael Lederhuber | Lighting & Rendering: Thomas Moser | Cast: Urs: Martin Weigel, Thomas Hinke / Mother: Ellen Schäuble / Stunts: Wolfram 
Kampffmeyer. / / Eric Riewer /

Part 1 of the 'Making Of' shows some steps of the Preproduction and also Production of the animated short Urs.