NAB 2013: New Mocap Technology and MoGraph Features

Sneak peek of new Microsoft Kinect mocap technology for LightWave and After Effects features

Posted: Fri 19 Apr 2013

NAB 2013 was a huge success for LightWave! Not only did we showcase the newest LightWave 11.5 After Effects interchange for broadcast and motion graphics, we gave a sneak peek at forthcoming technology for LightWave--real-time mocap and puppeteering with a Microsoft Kinect device. LightWave President Rob Powers also gave interviews and presentations about virtual studio tools and the state of the film industry for in the Intel StudioXperience, which was streaming live worldwide.

LightWave President Rob Powers (left) and LightWave Rigging Expert Lino Grandi (right) give a real-time technology demo of LightWave mocap with an off-the-shelf Microsoft Kinect device.

LightWave President Rob Powers discusses virtual worflows and LightWave 11.5 for in  the Intel StudioXperience.

Steve Waskul interviews Rob Powers about virtual production and the business of film.