Great Giveaways @ SIGGRAPH 2013

From NVIDIA, Mushkin, DB&W, Liberty 3D, WTools3D, Dosch Design, 3DGarage and more!

Posted: Fri 19 Jul 2013

Our terrific partners have joined us to offer up some pretty amazing giveaways in the LightWave 3D booth #303 at SIGGRAPH 2013. Attendees will have the chance to win products from companies like NVIDIA, Mushkin, DB&W, Liberty3D, WTools3D, Dosch Design, 3DGarage and more!  Come watch the presentations and you just might walk away a winner!

From the LightWave 3D Group

-           (6) Giveaways to be revealed @ SIGGRAPH 2013

We’ll also be giving away a limited number of NEW LightWave t-shirts each day, Microsoft Kinect cameras, and DVDs from popular television shows and movies that relied on LightWave 3D throughout the VFX pipeline, including Battlestar GalacticaIron SkyBSG: Blood & Chrome, and others.

From OUR Partners


-          NVIDIA Quadro K4000 Professional Graphics Card ($1249)


-         (3)  Mushkin Chronos 120GB SSDs (Solid State Drives) ($120 ea)
-         (20) - Set of game codes ($35 ea)

Liberty 3D and Mushkin

-         (20) Mushkin USBs preloaded with up to $500 worth of Liberty 3D LightWave training videos


-         (2) infiniMap EXR - use unlimited size image textures within LightWave 3D ($390 or €299 ea)

-         frameD - advanced image sequence manager for LightWave 3D ($130 or €99)

-         exrTrader - provides complete support for the OpenEXR image file format for LightWave 3D ($65 or €49)

-         shaderMeister - override the shading of a surface on a scene-by-scene basis ($65 or €49)


-          LWCAD 4.5 for LightWave 3D is a complete set of standard CAD tools with Osnap engine ($299)

Dosch Design

-         (5) Dosch 3D Cars Model Libraries ($149 ea)

-         (6) LightWave 11.5 Up to Speed Video Training ($70 ea)