Testing DOF techniques

After a series of tests, Louis du Mont shares several handy techniques for speeding up depth of field rendering in LightWave 3D

Posted: Wed 15 Feb 2017

Testing several possible solutions for speeding up the rendering process of depth of field has given LightWave artist Louis du Mont a deeper understanding of rendering depth of field in LightWave 3D. Louis has been sharing several useful techniques gained from his process on his website to help fellow LightWave artists.  He uses primarily Lightwave 3D and After Effects as his main tools but of course, the theories apply to multiple applications. Check out the full breakdown on his website.

If you are interested in improving your LightWave 3D skills, Louis has also released a LightWave 3D tutorial showing how he created a Photorealistic Beverage Ad on the Pluralsight Creative website.

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Website: louisdumont.com
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