Tool Chefs Unveils Free Deformation Plugins for LightWave

New Harmonic Deformer and V-Deformer plugins available for creating deformations in LightWave 11 and LightWave 2015

Posted: Thu 14 May 2015

The Tool Chefs Harmonic Deformer is a free form deformer plugin for LightWave 11 and LightWave 2015 that uses a closed mesh (cage) to deform a high-resolution mesh. Its implementation is based on the SIGGRAPH Paper from Pixar about Harmonic Coordinates for Character Animation.

Download the Harmonic Deformer plugin.

V-Deformer for LightWave 2015

Based on an earlier plugin by Daniele Federico, V-Deformer can be used to deform a mesh using multiple magnet handles, a polyline, or a spline curve and is particularly useful for morph creation and combing hair.

Download the V-Deformer plugin.