Meet LightWave Legend Ron Thornton

Ron Thornton broke new ground for visual effects in the 90s with LightWave and his innovation with the software continues today

Tue 12 Nov 2013

Ron Thornton has been pushing the boundaries of CG in the television industry for years. His tool of choice? LightWave 3D. See what motivates and inspires this talented 3D artist, whose pioneering efforts blazed new trails for visual effects in the 90s with popular television shows like “Babylon 5.” Thornton credits his success as an artist to LightWave and relies on LightWave 11.6 today to deliver incredible results.

LightWave 11.6 and NevronMotion Final Releases Now Available

Offers advanced previsualization, production and 3D printing tools in LightWave 11.6; NevronMotion plug-in for the Microsoft Kinect camera captures and retargets motion in LightWave 11.6

Fri 01 Nov 2013

The LightWave 3D® Group, a division of NewTek, Inc., today announced the final release of LightWave 11.6 software for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering is now available worldwide. Also announced today is the final release of the NevronMotion plug-in for LightWave 11.6, which uses the Microsoft Kinect camera to capture motion in real time for retargeting to 3D or live-performance characters. NevronMotion also simplifies retargeting from standard motion capture files directly in the LightWave interface.

ChronoSculpt Software Final Release Now Available

Delivers powerful time-based sculpting of geometry cache animation and error correction for cached dynamic simulations from 3ds Max, Maya, XSI, LightWave 3D, Modo, Cinema 4D software and more

Thu 31 Oct 2013

ChronoSculpt™ software introduces a new concept of error correction to the animation pipeline—sculpting over time. The LightWave 3D Group, a division of NewTek, Inc., today announced the final release of ChronoSculpt is now available worldwide.

Telly Telly Telly!

Artist Kelly Jones wins coveted broadcast award with the help of LightWave

Tue 01 Oct 2013

It’s always exciting to hear about the awards LightWave artists win for their work created with LightWave 3D software. Kelly Jones is no stranger to winning—he recently won a Telly Award for a driving safety training video created at CR England. Learn more about Jones’ history with LightWave and how it keeps him a winner!

BFX Imageworks Takes Center Stage at Directors Guild of America

Highlights LightWave in "VFX Across The Board: From Indies to Blockbusters" Panel

Mon 19 Aug 2013

At a recent Directors Guild of America panel, BFX Imageworks shares "outside the box" problem solving when dealing with ever shrinking budgets and deadlines using off-the-shelf software solutions such as  Lightwave 3D, Imagineer Mocha Pro and Adobe After Effects.

SIGGRAPH 2013 Sneak Peek: LightWave 11.6

Get a look at the newest features and enhancements in LightWave 3D software

Wed 07 Aug 2013

Get a peek at the newest features in LightWave 11.6, including new Spline controls, Raycast nodes, 3D printing import and export capabilities with surface color capabilities, a new color picker, CgFX shaders support, Alembic support, and more.

ChronoSculpt is a Game Changer for 3D Sculpting

Brings revolutionary time-based cache sculpting to all 3D software pipelines

Tue 23 Jul 2013

Interactive 3D sculpting software has forever changed the way 3D modelers, texture artists and designers create and manipulate CG content. ChronoSculpt™ from the LightWave 3D® Group, introduces sculpting over time, a revolutionary way to review and correct cache animation and dynamic simulation using time-based sculpting tools. Its flexible interface supports leading file formats for all professional 3D software programs, including LightWave 3D®, Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, Luxology Modo, and Maxon Cinema 4D.

NevronMotion Transforms Mocap in LightWave 11.6

Powerful new cost-effective Microsoft Kinect based motion retargeting system allows users to easily capture, adjust and retarget motion to 3D objects and characters

Tue 23 Jul 2013

The LightWave 3D® Group, a division of NewTek, Inc., today unveiled NevronMotion™, an exciting new motion capture retargeting software for LightWave 11.6 that supports the popular Microsoft Kinect camera. With NevronMotion, artists and animators can quickly and easily capture, adjust and retarget motion data to 3D models inside LightWave.