These Days, Everyone is George Lucas

The profiles VFX and spotlights LightWave

Fri 01 Feb 2013

Thanks to the digital revolution, Hollywood filmmakers are getting more bang for their buck – literally. The's Mara Gay discusses creating visual effects and spotlights the power of LightWave to make it happen.

Creating a Ghost Train: A Visual Display for Preston Hall

Pollen Studios turns to LightWave to recreate period drama.

Sun 30 Dec 2012

Pollen Studio creates a ghost train audio/visual display for prestigious Preston Hall Museum in Northern England, an eerie effect that smashes out of a bookshelf within a museum room. The LightWave 3D elements blend perfectly with the actors in period costume who portray passengers on the doomed train.

Welcome to Gate54

Artist Neil Maccormack brings fantastic, futuristic worlds to life with LightWave

Wed 19 Dec 2012

Great artists are often heralded for their distinctive, signature styles and Artist Neil Maccormack is no exception. His medium is a 3D canvas on which he creates visually expansive, futuristic, sci-fi worlds and fantastical moments. Maccormack brings his visually rich imagination to life with the help of LightWave 3D, which allows him to work much like a fine artist. But instead of applying paint to a canvas, he builds rich 3D images in layers—starting with a background then adding foreground layers and elementsmuch like an artist paints a watercolor.

Honoring Splinegod

LightWave Legend Larry Schultz's YouTube Channel continues to share his knowledge with others.

Wed 19 Dec 2012

The Lightwave community recently lost one of its all-time greats—Larry Schultz, aka Splinegod. Not only was Larry an artist, teacher, motivator and friend to many in the community, including the LightWave 3D team, he was a LightWave legend. To honor the incredible work Larry did for everyone in the community, we encourage you to visit his Splinegod YouTube Channel and peruse the many LightWave videos he created for the entire community. We can’t thank you enough Splinegod. Your legacy lives on.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome Takes Off

NBC Universal visual effects artists adopt LightWave 3D to deliver fast-paced VFX

Fri 09 Nov 2012

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, a new science-fiction drama airing on Machinima Prime's YouTube channel beginning November 9, 2012 for 10 episodes and  airing on  SyFy February 2013, falls on the timeline between Caprica and Battlestar Galactica, in the tenth year of the first Cylon war. To bring this highly anticipated television series to life, the artistic team at NBC Universal relied on a LightWave pipeline  to get the job done.

It's a 10

The LightWave 3D Group sponsors CGsociety's latest CG challenge celebrating 10 years of CG

Wed 17 Oct 2012 is celebrating 10 years of success in the CG industry and has launched its latest contest revolving around the number 10. The LightWave 3D Group is sponsoring the challenge and wants to see how you really rock the 10 in an image or video submission! Contest ends January 11, 2013 so don’t wait to show them what you’ve got. 

LightWave 11.5 Wins CGW Silver Edge Award

Computer Graphics World takes note of new features at SIGGRAPH 2012

Mon 01 Oct 2012

SIGGRAPH 2012 was the official reveal of of LightWave 11.5. Its many new features like the Genoma rigging system, After Effects support, Virtual Studio Tools, and more, excited artists and journalists alike.

What's new for 11.5?

An overview of new features and workflows

Sun 29 Jul 2012

NewTek LightWave 11 made its debut earlier this year, bringing new functionality to an already robust 3D modeling, animation and rendering program. Some of the many new features in LightWave 11 that are widely used by artists include built-in instancing, Bullet hard body dynamics, and Flocking along with new workflow options such as GoZ support for Pixologic’s ZBrush software and the Unity game engine development platform.

LightWave 11.5, which incorporates several new features for modeling, flocking, instancing, hair and fur generation, and more. It also introduces Genoma, an advanced modular character rigging system for use in LightWave Modeler. Check out the 11.5 upcoming features.