VizPark Unveils Interior Plants 2.0

Over 40 highly detailed plant models in native LightWave 3D format offered in Interior Plants v. 2.0

Tue 24 Jun 2014

VizPark's INTERIOR PLANTS v2.0 now supports additional native 3d formats including LightWave 3D. The bundle contains 40 highly detailed 3d models of interior plants in pots for architectural visualization. Each plant is available in four different model variations, prepared with ready-to-render materials. Additional formats include OBJ and FBX 2010.

Artist Spotlight: Graham Hutchings

From concept to cover, Hutchings uses LightWave to create revolutionary images for many of today's popular magazines

Sun 15 Jun 2014

Sometimes a concept is so complex that words alone are not enough to explain it effectively. Or, the design is so revolutionary that it earns a spot on the cover of a well-known technical publication. Graham Hutchings can add these credits to his body of graphic design work—all created with LightWave 11.6.3. Learn more about how Hutchings uses LightWave and see why he’s a LightWave Power Artist.

New LightWave to SketchFab Plug-in Now Available

The LWG teams up with SketchFab to create a new exporter plug-in to share, embed and view interactive 3D models online

Thu 12 Jun 2014

The LightWave 3D Group has teamed up with Sketchfab Inc. to deliver a free plug-in for LightWave 3D software version 11.5 or higher that seamlessly exports 3D models from LightWave to Sketchfab, a popular online web platform that allows users to publish, share, embed, and view interactive 3D models in real time.

LightWave 3D Group Products and People Nominated for 3D World CG Awards 2014

Visit the 3D World Hall of Fame page and cast your votes for your favorites

Wed 11 Jun 2014

The nominees have been announced and the LightWave 3D Group's suite of products - LightWave 11.6, NevronMotion and ChronSculpt - have been nominated by the industry. We're also proud to announce that   NewTek Founder Tim Jenison and the LightWave 3D Group President Rob Powers have also been nominated for the 3D World Hall of Fame. Cast your votes and let's bring home the win for 2014!

Vermeer's paintings might be 350 year-old color photographs

Boing Boing catches up with NewTek founder Tim Jenison on "Tims Vermeer" which used LightWave in the project

Wed 11 Jun 2014

NewTek Founder Tim Jenison, a Texas-based inventor, attempts to solve one of the greatest mysteries in the art world: 
How did Dutch master Johannes Vermeer manage to paint so photo-realistically 150 years before the invention of photography? Here's how he conducted his experiment, which includes LightWave 3D software.

LightWave 3D "Space Command" Challenge Takes Off

The ultimate LightWave challenge is underway—spaceship designs to be featured in the upcoming “Space Command” movie

Thu 05 Jun 2014

The LightWave 3D Group  has teamed up with Marc Scott Zicree’s “Space Command” franchise to deliver the ultimate sci-fi challenge to the LightWave 3D community—the opportunity to have your spaceship(s) featured in the upcoming Space Command movie, with screen credit to the winning artists. Winning artists will also receive an array of prizes from the LightWave 3D Group, including LightWave 11.x, ChronoSculpt, and NevronMotion software.

The Mystery of "Golem"

Artists Patrick McCue and Tobias Weisner turn to LightWave to animate the short story “GOLEM XIV” of “Imaginary Magnitude” by Stanislaw Lem

Wed 28 May 2014

This popular animation from Tobias Weisner and Patrick McCue takes the viewer on a visual journey, one inspired by Stanislaw Lem's short story “GOLEM XIV” of “Imaginary Magnitude” released in 1973. LightWave plays a key role in the creation of this Vimeo Staff pick. Prepare to contemplate.

Behind the Scenes of "The Conjuring"

Impressive VFX shots created by David Ridlen and Juan Vargas using LightWave 3D software

Wed 21 May 2014

Go behind the scenes of the popular horror film "The Conjuring" to see how David Ridlen and Juan Vargas used LightWave 3D software  to create some pretty convincing CG visual effects.