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We Love Our Third-Party Community!

Sometimes certain workflows need to be expanded on, this is where our third-party developers come in. They have taken LightWave to new places using our robust SDK, to develop tools that meet specific needs for artists and studios.

LightWave's rich third-party development community include both commercial developers who provide plugins and assets for sale, along with community members who make tools available at no charge.

Below is a list of third-party resources (sorted alphabetically) of amazing tools and other assets to augment LightWave.

Want to create your own tools? Check out the developer section.

3rd Powers



LW Brush is a powerful modeling toolset consists of 14 Modeling Tool plug-ins for mesh editing, providing you with natural and organic modeling workflow.

Cage Deformer is an intuitive animation tool that allows you to edit the mesh deformation of your object by wrapping with low-resolution geometry called Cage.

Meta Mesh is a modeling tool that suggests a new modeling technique by allowing you to interactively weld and hollow out your object in the viewport.

db&w - finest plugins

infiniMap, exrTrader, shaderMeister, frameD and db&w Tools

Commercial | Free

db&w is dedicated to developing advanced 3D computer graphics software. We apply state-of-the-art techniques to LightWave 3D® in the form of plug-ins, as individual solutions or OEM versions for our customers.

infiniMap - Use virtually unlimited size image textures
exrTrader - Buffer export system supporting layered OpenEXR
shaderMeister - Unique global shading system for LightWave 3D®
frameD - Advanced Image Sequence Management
db&w Tools - A collection of free tools and nodes

Denis Pontonnier

Textures, Tool Kits, Nodes


RmanCollect, DP_Kit, DP_Filter, DP_Light, DP_Instance, DP_MicroDisp, DP_Motion Designer, DP_Verdure Pack, Cushion Camera, Radial Shift Camera, Sunsky ...

List just some of the many useful plugins from Denis, which have become essential tools for many LightWave users.

Dosch Design

3D Assets


Dosch Design offers computer graphics products for 3D design, advertising, print publishing, architectural visualizations, animation, film, game development, app development, webdesign, motion design and multimedia presentations.

All 3D assets from Dosch are modeled using LightWave 3D®, so can be used directly without conversion. This makes Dosch a perfect partner for your LightWave assets, helping save you time and money.




Janus provides a solution for render layers capability and support in LightWave, for both 3rd-party and native buffers. It supports a plethora of tools aimed to make render pass management fast and adaptable.


Smart IBL


Christian Bloch's name is synonymous with Image Based Lighting. His fantastic SmartIBL tool makes creating accurate image-based lighting set ups simple within LightWave. His site also has many high quality lighting sets freely available for download - quite simply, a must have tool.

Also check out Christian's book on HDRI, essential reading.

HDR Light Studio

Real-time HDR Lighting Tool


HDR Light Studio lets you easily create and edit HDRI lighting in real-time. Through the LightWave3D Live Connection - as you develop your custom HDRI map in HDR Light Studio, you see its lighting effect evolve in real-time in your VPR view.
Use the LightPaint feature to click on your 3D model in the VPR view (or Octane Live view) to position the lighting effects.This ‘click to light’ process will dramatically speed up your lighting process with precise and perfect final results.

Jawset Visual Computing

Turbulence FD


TurbulenceFD simulates and renders all kinds of gaseous fluids like fire, smoke, explosions, vapor, mist, dust and clouds. Its intuitive workflow integrates fluid dynamics seamlessly into existing scenes by using any type of animated object geometry as emitters or solid collision objects. TurbulenceFD has already been used in several high-profile productions including;

Iron Sky, Surrogates, Fringe, Terra Nova, CSI: Las Vegas, Battlestar Gallactica - Blood and Chrome.

A free Learning Edition with no time-limit is available for download.

Liberty 3D

Tools, Training, Talent

Commercial | Free

Founded in 2010 by long standing members of the LightWave3D community, provides tools and training to artists. In addition to this, Liberty3d is also a platform for instructors and programmers to retail their products while remaining in control of their creations. is involved in various LightWave3D productions around the world and helps artists to find work while assisting studios in sourcing talent.

LightSpeed Render

Network Render Controller


LightSpeed Render is a network render controller for Lightwave 3D©. It simplifies the distribution of 3D animation and still image preview across a network of PC.

Liquid Dream Solutions

ButterflyNet Render


ButterflyNetRender is a popular network rendering controller for Lightwave. It includes a automatic setup wizard that really takes the pain out of setting up a render farm!


PolyTrans | CAD+DCC Pro Translation System


Okino's PolyTrans has become the defacto professional 3D conversion system for LightWave. Used world-wide by all key market sectors: 3D production, engineering, military, aerospace and marketing groups. It provides the most robust, efficient and highest quality production proven conversion. Connecting LightWave to all major CAD, DCC, animation, gaming, skinning and authoring software applications.

A complete list of supported file formats can be found here.

Origami Digital, LLC

Production Tools

Commercial | Free

As a Visual Effects Company, Origami Digital produces production proven plugins for everyone. We provide innovative solutions for common workflow and pipeline bottlenecks.

Rebel Hill

Tools and Training for Rigging and Animation

Commercial | Free

With a leading focus on rigging and animation, Rebel Hill offers the highest levels of tools and training for LightWave 3D®. From the nodal training series to the RHiggit autorigger, you will find something to suit all needs, from the beginner's level to high-end, artist friendly, professional workflow tools. An indispensable resource for all LightWave animators.

Simply LightWave

LightWave Training

Commercial | Free

SimplyLightwave has been teaching Lightwave for 10 years. We currently have the largest training library for Lightwave online.

Our tutorials are designed to get you up and running in Lightwave quickly without making it seem like hard work.

Pawel Olas

Trees Designer


Trees Designer allows the creation of trees, in a very unique and intuitive way, through the use of 3D shapes that the tree will grow into. This unique approach opens endless possibilities. Not only can you create realistic looking trees that conform to a desired shape, but you can also easily create plants from your imagination.


Octane GPU Renderer


otoy's Octane Render is the world's first GPU based, un-biased, physically based renderer. Using the Octane for LightWave plugin, you can use the Octane renderer directly within LightWave Layout.

Octane uses the CUDA cores on your graphics card to massively speed up rendering, the more cores, the faster it goes.




Kray is a state-of-the-art Global Illumination renderer that allows very fast and accurate rendering of scenes where indirect light plays important role. It features the most advanced, modern algorithms and optimizations to allow it to render full global illumination, reflections, refractions and caustics very fast on standard computers.

Kray is available as a standalone application or a plugin that integrates tightly into LightWave. Kray offers powerful features such as; tonemapping, instancing, linear workflow and physical sky.


Modeling Pack, GlobalMaterials, TrueGroup

Commercial | Free

TrueArt has produced more than 100 LightWave plugins since 2002. Initially focusing on modeling, which resulted in completely unique tools such as TrueArt's Modeling Pack. Which is especially useful for game, character and organic modeling artists.

TrueArt has also extended Layout with Batch Baking Camera for game making artists, a revolutionary Global Materials solution - allowing control of surfacing for the entire scene in one global Node Editor. TrueGroup allows unlimited nested node groups in the Node Editor, along with custom inputs / outputs parameters.

VFX Wizard srl

AE Link


AE Link (Animation Exchange Link) is a LightWave plugin that allows integration with Adobe After Effects™

Evolved from an in-house tool developed at VFX Wizard srl, AE Link leverages the studio's deep knowledge of both LightWave and After Effects, providing users with a fast and intuitive workflow. LightWave cameras, lights and null objects are cleverly parsed and converted into their After Effects equivalents.

Volumedic OG



Founded in 2000, VoluMedic OG specialize in computer graphics solutions with a focus on the development of volume rendering software.

The flagship product VoluMedic™, a plug-in for LightWave, is a leading-solution for the import, manipulation, analysis and rendering of three dimensional volume data. The VoluMedic render technology which can be licensed separately, has been successfully used in FDA approved medical imaging software. Clients include; AVL List GmbH, Pioneer Productions, Xvivo, Zizala Lichtsysteme GmbH and Zoic Studios.

Worley Labs

FPrime, G2, Sasquatch, Taft & Polk


FPrime is a realtime renderer, giving you instant feedback on every step of your work. Interactive texturing, lighting, shadows and radiosity. The key tool to efficient LightWave workflow.

G2 allows advanced shading and lighting algorithms designed to give you new options for your LightWave surfaces. Use alone or with FPrime.

Sasquatch is a photoreal hair, fur, and grass render. Unmatched speed, powerful texturing, and versatile rendering make this tool essential to the serious LightWave animator.

WTools 3D



LWCAD is a comprehensive set of CAD modeling plugins for LightWave, and features an advanced workplane and snapping engine. It equips LightWave with features normally available only in expensive CAD applications. The latest version of LWCAD contains revolutionary features such as; real-time curve booleans and real-time polygon drilling, which are absolutely unique in the industry. It also features tools specifically designed to aid architectural modeling, which allows users to create complex buildings in minutes.