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ef MultiService with LastCommand LW 8.5+

Dan Dulberger
Jan. 5, 2010

MultiService was written because few commands in Layout would affect multiple selected item. They'd commonly only affect the last item in a selection. MultiService can make almost any command work with multiple selections, be it a native command or a 3rd party generic function. To approve and enable a command to make use of this service the user simply has to add the commands name to a list. This is done through the scripts interface accessible through the Master Plugin panel.

MultiService isn't limited to just commands. Because alot of item properties are actually set through the use of commands, MultiService can also make sure you can edit item properties on multiple selected items. One example of such a setting is Light/Object Exclusion.

MultiService is unobtrusive. Once you've enable a command you can execute it as you've always done. MultiService will make sure it's executed on all selected items, without getting in the way! It will be like that command always worked that way.

A recent addition is LastCommand. This will allows the user to repeat the last executed command. It makes use of MultiService's approved list of commands and mechanism for executing on multiple items when needed. LastCommand can be made to run from a button in the menus or a hotkey.


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