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QV 4 LW 6.0+

Ernie Wright
Jan. 21, 2009

Install QV as you would any other plug-in, after which you'll find it in the Render Display list on the Render Options panel. At the end of an F9 render in LightWave, QV opens a window to display your rendered image. QV stores two versions of the image. One is the original floating-point image as it was received from LightWave. The other is a 32-bit version created for QV's display.

QV automatically dismisses LightWave's Render Status dialog box. The information shown there (the render time and a settings summary) is duplicated in QV and can be found on the Notes tab of the Notes and Settings dialog (keyboard shortcut n).

Text courtesy author's site.

Note: QV 4 doesn't obtain the modern 9.x Render Status information.


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