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Save And Backup to Zip

July 18, 2016

Based on Mike Green's Save and Backup script, this makes a time-stamped backup of your scene file and adds it to a zip archive, and saves your scene file with its current name. This means that the scene will always keep the same name, but if you want to backtrack it's easy to find the version of the scene you need.

Compressing to a zip archive not only keeps your folders less cluttered, it's good if you use a cloud-backup to save your scene files, as it dramatically cuts down on the storage and bandwidth needed—there's a lot of redundancy in a lws file, so often a zip archive with a dozen copies of a scene file will be smaller than the original scene file itself.

The script uses the free, open-source compression utility 7-zip; for it to run properly 7-zip has to be at its default install location (c:\program files\7-zip\7z.exe). 7-zip is available at


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