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shaderMeister LW 9.5+

March 15, 2010

shaderMeister allows 3D artists to override surfaces in LightWave3D on a global level for an accelerated workflow, reduced steps and new time-saving techniques for working with ambient occlusion (AO) as well as custom passes.

This is accomplished by a shader plugin that needs to be applied to all surfaces that should be overridden by shaderMeister.

When rendering the shader plugin will detect if a shaderMeister global shading network is present and then evaluate it.

The shaderMeister global shading network itself is saved with the scene. A master handler plugin manages it.

No demo version available.

V1.1 adds variables extracted from item comments, light groups and various fixes.

shaderMeister is not compatible with LightWave 3D 2018 or higher and has been retired.


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