David Aguero

A Profile in 3D Artistry

Meet David Aguero, a Buenos Aires-based Art Director and 3d Concept designer with a background rich in various forms of art, including drawing, painting, and sculpting, Aguero has honed his skills to excel in the digital realm of 3D creation.

Aguero’s journey into the world of 3D art began at the age of 14. This early exposure to digital art forms laid the foundation for his future career. Now, Aguero is a seasoned freelance professional, with a broad skill set that encompasses sound design, video editing, and visual effects. His primary focus, however, is on 3D generalist work, where he specializes in modelling, texturing, lighting, shading, and animation.

Concept design forms a significant part of Aguero's portfolio, ranging from intricate monsters and creatures to elaborate designs of words, spaceships, and robots. His work is inspired by a range of influences, including the likes of Frank Frazetta, Ralph McQuarrie, Syd Mead, H.R. Giger, Ray Harryhausen, and Stan Winston.

In his professional endeavours, Aguero has found a reliable partner in LightWave 3D. This software has been integral to his work, aiding in overcoming creative challenges and managing time constraints. LightWave 3D’s features, such as VPR, Instances, and Genoma, have been particularly beneficial, allowing for efficient and high-quality production. The Modeler’s new tools for edge editing and the Layout’s layer system and node system have proved to be indispensable in his workflow.

Aguero's career trajectory, from a young enthusiast inspired by cinematic wonders to a proficient digital artist, highlights his dedication to the craft of 3D art. His use of LightWave 3D not only underscores his commitment to quality but also his adaptability to the evolving demands of digital artistry. Aguero’s work continues to inspire and contribute to the dynamic field of 3D art, showcasing the creative potential of digital tools in bringing imaginative concepts to life.

David's Artwork