Mark Warner

Experimental Mastery

In an era where visuals saturate our daily lives, standing out requires not just talent but a unique voice. Mark Warner is a designer, with a quarter-century of profound experience, who exemplifies what it means to craft compelling, motion graphic narratives.

Mark’s primary goal? To effectively communicate a visual story through the power of motion graphics. Pushing the boundaries of design, Mark creates powerful outcomes that demonstrate his passion for combining 2D and 3D elements using Lightwave 3D and After Effects

Motion graphics can tell a story or convey a narrative through visuals, music, and sound effects. They can evoke emotions, build anticipation, and guide the viewer's attention.
Mark Warner demonstrates this in his work, with projects for musicians, One Direction, David Bowie, and Take That.  Mark has also worked on motion graphic projects for Discovery, Channel 4, MTV and many others.

Another passion of Mark’s is experimenting with the different tools and functions in Lightwave 3D to help him come up with new creative outcomes for client projects, but that also help in the creation of various Lightwave 3D tutorials shared with the 3D world.

The field of motion graphics is constantly evolving, with new techniques, styles, and trends emerging over time. Artists often experiment with different approaches to keep their work fresh and innovative. In today's crowded visual landscape, the designer's mantra is to 'Make your Mark.' This ethos is evident in Mark Warner’s amazing work.

Mark's design journey serves as a testament to what it means to be genuinely innovative and impactful in the realm of visual communication.