Ryan Begemann

Brilliance in Artistry

Ryan Begemann, better known by his creative alter ego Mallacore, is a gifted 3D graphic artist whose work has captivated enthusiasts within the science fiction universe. Ryan's design philosophy centres around a distinctive synergy of aesthetics, functionality, and a compelling backstory that is profoundly influenced by the Stargate series.

The core element of Ryan's approach to design lies in purposeful functionality. His belief is that every component of a design – in this case, a spaceship – should possess an essential relevance and purpose. This focus ensures that his creations not only look strikingly cool, but they also resonate with viewers on a deeper level due to their authentic functionality.

A unique aspect of Ryan's work is his integration of a detailed backstory. His alternate timeline, dating back to 2014, propels the decisions he makes in his designs, blending human technology and elements derived from his imagined future. This approach brings a profound depth and complexity to his work, setting it apart in the realm of 3D graphic design.

Ryan's attention to detail and commitment to the design process is truly commendable.

Ryan’s 3D tool of choice is Lightwave 3D.  He meticulously incorporates components found within the Stargate series, enhancing them with futuristic elements such as Asgard beam weapons. This commitment to precision brings a high degree of authenticity to his work, as seen in his redesigned "Puddle Jumper" and the modernized Phoenix ship.

Ryan's style, influenced by iconic works like James Cameron's Avatar, leans on the scientific principles underlying each design. This approach resonates with die-hard sci-fi fans who, ever the skeptics, appreciate the grounding in reality, however futuristic.

Ryan's creative portfolio extends beyond the world of Stargate. His prolific portfolio includes artwork inspired by Star Trek, Babylon 5, and The Expanse. Discover more about Ryan's ground-breaking work by visiting his Art-Station Page. Join us as we celebrate the mesmerizing worlds that Ryan weaves through his art.