Ready to Blast Off with LightWave 2023 for Mac!

Buckle up! We've got some exhilarating news that's going to turbocharge

your creative engines. LightWave 2023 for Mac is landing on February 9th, and it's packed with features that are out of this world!

Two Stellar Versions for Mac Voyagers:

The Rosetta Version for Intel Mac: This version is like a trusty transporter – it's got everything you need to get you where you need to go, including Python 2 so all your familiar scripts are ready for lift-off!

The Native Version for Apple Silicon M Chip: This one's built for speed! Launching natively on Apple Silicon M chip, it's like having a hyperdrive for rendering and calculations. Note: Python has left the building for this version, so switch back to your Rosetta version for accessing your scripts and Pro Tools.

Why You'll Love It:

For Intel Mac Users: Keep cruising in familiar territory with the Rosetta Version while enjoying major feature and function upgrades – including pro geo nodes, instancing and text tool.

For Apple Silicon M Chip Users: Get ready to zoom through rendering tasks at warp speed with up to 53% faster render speeds. 

Exclusive Mac Goodies:

First Dibs on Updated Octane Plugin: Enhanced UI for use on high resolution monitors and laptops.

Latest LW Pro Tools Upgrade: Some of your favourite tools, just got a whole lot shinier. Be the

first to try out the improved presets and workspaces.

Sleek Turbulence FD: Smooth, efficient and ready to explode onto Mac screens – check out the new smoke and flame shaders and enjoy the improvement to the default Octane connection.

For the full feature list visit Lightwave3d.com

Where no one has gone before:

We've tackled the black holes and space junk - OpenGL issues, M Chip quirks, and a cluster of bugs and glitches, are now just cosmic background radiation.

Join Our Space Jam:

Beam yourself up for a live session with Andy Bishop and Deuce Bennett on February 10th at 6pm GMT.

They'll be your guides through this exciting new universe of features.

Click Here for the event

Your Galactic Guide:

A detailed walkthrough will be on our website, helping you navigate the new features like a pro!

We can't wait to see where LightWave 2023 for Mac takes your imagination.

Gear up for February 9th and 10th - it's going to be an epic adventure in the creative cosmos!


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