Ethereal Heart

This is a very long-term model that has been continuously modified. However, more than 20 years have passed (from 1999 when I started practicing facial topology from squares until 2003 when the main structure of facial topology was determined, there has been no major modification. After that, I made intermittently revisions in my spare time, while I was unemployed, or due to illness, but the final result was never satisfactory. It was not until the use of Octane rendering in 2018 that the problem of balance between expressiveness and rendering time was solved, so I regained some motivation to continue completing the remaining models. part), from the vast and blurry face to gradually determining the image to be presented like this. Therefore, the character's face and body were created from scratch, and I uniquely created what I thought was the most streamlined polygonal topology plus Subpatch (even though I didn't want to show those). This was the first time I tried to make clothing with only basic thin sheets that work closely with the body; I thought I could make a 3D model of a character that cannot move, but due to the release of retargeting technology in recent years, it can move with bvh data or fbx data. Of course, I also need to learn node settings to make some dynamic effect instructions. Even so, it is still It took a lot of energy and calculation time ✍️☀️🌜, but just a few minutes of video still allowed me to enjoy the fun of character creation. We are about to enter the era of AI, and I want to make a record of this long journey. As an ordinary human being, the limit of the female character model I can make (which also accepts tips from many different people and things) is at least the limit of my own conditions😅. There may be less opportunities to continue to create long-form works in the future. Next time I start, I think it will require a completely different level of technology or equipment, or it will be completed directly with the help of AI💪, but this will also take time to brew😅😅😅

Jamie Yeh