Installation walkthrough

Step by step guide installing LightWave 3D

Please login to your account

Under your name (top right of page) select the My Account tab

On the left of the screen you will see My Account information

Here you can see downloads, serials and purchases

Select Downloads

Select the Windows symbol to start the download for PC

Click the Apple logo for the Mac version

Click the button called ‘Send to E-mail’ for your license key file

Check your email for the license key

Download the file in this email, this is your license key

Open the downloaded file of the LightWave software

This is most likely in your downloads folder.

Double click the LightWave_20230.0_Win64_installer.exe file

If you see this system pop up click yes to trust this software

Click next on this screen

If you agree to license agreement click I accept the agreement

Click next on this screen

Select your file directory location to save the program to and click next

Choose how you wish to Setup, typically user choose Typical, then click next

Choose your selection options for Expanding Python Runtime then click next

Select if you want to register file extensions, then click next

If you want to configure network render controller you can here, or click next

Specify you network render controller or leave as default option and click next

Setup is now ready, click next to begin

Set up is underway

All finished

If you selected Add shortcut to desktop then click on the relevant shortcut to open Layout, Modeler or Network Render

In this walk through, Layout was opened and you are met with the License Key window

Drag your License Key download file on to the above screen

This will most likely be in your downloads folder

Once the license key is dragged onto this page you will receive this message. Close down LightWave 3D and then open it again to register the license key

Open LightWave again, you are all set

Selecting Rosetta or Apple Silicon

On our Mac version you can choose to open Rosetta which allows the use of Python 2 scripts or choose to use Apple Silicon for processing power when calculating or rendering. Right click on the app and choose Get Info

Step two for Mac version selection

Select which option you want: Rosetta or Apple Silicon

You have successfully installed LightWave 2023