The Results!

I've finally finished tallying the 62 responses in their normal order (the questions you saw were all in a randomised order) and here they are with the correct answers. The average time taken was 47m36s and the fastest was 3m02s. Thank you all for taking part, I hope you had fun - congratulations to the five winners! (now I'm definitely going to bed...)

the correct answers to the LightWave quiz from May 4th
Number Question Answer 1 Answer 2 Answer 3 Answer 4 Right Answer No. of right answers Notes
1 What is LightWave 3D best known for in the 3D industry? Video editing 3D modelling and animation Audio production Photo manipulation 3D modelling and animation 61 just one person got this wrong!
2 How do you switch between polygons and subpatches in Modeler? Hit tab Use Object Properties Hit T on the keyboard Double-click middle mouse button Hit tab 60
3 How do you render an image sequence? Change the image type to sequence in the Image Editor Switch to VPR and save the image Hit F10 Hit F9 Hit F10 60
4 Who is speaking here? Jon Tindall Andy Bishop Dave Vrba Ben Vost Jon Tindall 8 Pure guesswork here, I reckon. I should have been a 50:50 choice given that both Andy and I spoke and it wasn't us
5 What year was LightWave 3D first released? 1987 1994 1990 2000 1990 42 1990 was when the Video Toaster was released, including LightWave. 1994 (4) was when LightWave was first released standalone
6 What date was LightWave 2023 released? 28 November, 2023 01 January, 2024 01 January, 2023 01 August, 2020 28 November, 2023 56
7 What plugin(s) did the legendary idiot.p contain? Eagle in a Barrel lenscap Haiku Generator Eagle in a Barrel 31 idiot.p only contained Eagle in a Barrel, the others were joke plugins apart from, which was added by me 😉
8 How do you move letters generated with Text Generator individually? Flocking Bones Weight maps Trick question. Letters are already separated Bones 26
9 A tricky one. Who did Ben's wife play in Batman New Times? The Commissioner A reporter A thug Batman A reporter 56 The three people who said 'A thug' will have to answer to my wife 😉
10 In Layout, how do you deliberately slow down or speed up animation playback in OpenGL? Add or remove millions of instances Play a game in the background Use the right arrow key with Alt or Ctrl The Rate field The Rate field 31
11 What's an easy way to choose black or white without going into the Color Picker? Shift-LMB click on the swatch RMB click on the colour triplet RMB slide on the swatch Use Image Editor Processing tab RMB slide on the swatch 27 You should watch my colour picker tutorials 🤭
12 What are the keyboard shortcuts for the Flat Menu, the Surface Editor, Save Scene incrementally and Motion Options respectively? Ctrl-Space; F5; Shift-S; O Ctrl-Space; F5; Shift-S; M Ctrl-Space; F6; S; M Shift-S; M; F5; Ctrl-Space Ctrl-Space; F5; Shift-S; M 50
13 Which of these famous TV series featuring LightWave visual effects (CGI) came first? The X-Files Babylon 5 Star Trek: Voyager SeaQuest DSV Babylon 5 47
14 Which film featuring LightWave graphics has made the most money at the box office globally? Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Iron Man Titanic Avatar Avatar 41
15 What major change to surfacing and rendering started in LightWave 2018? Noise reduction Magic antialiasing PBR Distributed AI rendering PBR 55
16 Which LightWave team member wrangles snakes in their spare time? Jo Moore Andy Bishop Ben Vost Jack Bennett II Jack Bennett II 41 Jack Bennett II is of course our very own Deuce!
17 Which LightWave team member started Bench.? Jo Moore Ben Vost Jonathan O'Garr Elmar Moelzer Jonathan O'Garr 19 Difficult one, this. You would have known if you'd been to Create
18 How many Oscars has LightWave won? 1 0 3 5 0 28 far! 😉
19 Which was the 64-bit 3D application chosen by Microsoft to promote Windows XP64? LightWave 3D Maya 3ds max Cinema 4D LightWave 3D 59 nearly everyone got this, thankfully!
20 What was LightWave used for in the 2010 Universal Pictures movie Repo Men? The titles Virtual stuntmen The repo men's van Making internal organs Making internal organs 46
21 What was this LightWave character, created by Erik Wernquist, originally called? (Sheet:bits;A1) Crazy Frog The Motofrog The Annoying Thing Crazy Thing The Annoying Thing 21 Buhwah... dingdingdingding!
22 How do you make an edge tighter in SubDs? Negative Weighting Extra geometry The Surface Editor Smoothing Groups Extra geometry 42
23 What was the forerunner to Layout called? LightScape 3D VideoWave 3D 3DV v0.2 Videoscape 3D Videoscape 3D 58
24 Which LightWave Digital team member has a Taylor 314 acoustic guitar? Andy Bishop Tony Hall Ben Vost Jon Tindall Andy Bishop 52
25 What is the default shortcut for rendering an image in LightWave Layout? F5 Ctrl-Alt-R Shift-F F9 F9 60
26 Which LightWave feature allows you to create dynamic simulations such as rigid- or soft-body effects? HyperVoxels Morph Mixer Bullet Radiosity Bullet 60
27 What tool would you use to create a seamless transition between two different morph targets in LightWave? BlendShape Editor Morph Mixer Node Editor Endomorph Morph Mixer 56
28 In LightWave 3D, what is 'FiberFX' used for? Creating and animating fur, hair, and grass Simulating liquid dynamics Generating fiber optic lighting effects Designing fabric and cloth simulations Creating and animating fur, hair, and grass 60
29 How many Pro Tools are included with LightWave 2023? 251 The main five 2,023 400+ 400+ 44
30 How does 'Radiosity' enhance the realism of 3D scenes in LightWave? By simulating the complex behaviour of light and colour bouncing off surfaces By adding special effects like explosions and smoke By creating dynamic weather systems By auto-generating landscapes based on real-world data By simulating the complex behaviour of light and colour bouncing off surfaces 61 A different person got this one wrong