Light Painting in LightWave 3D

Artist Steve Mcardle shares his unique Light Painting approach for LightWave 3D

Posted: Tue 12 Aug 2014

Steve McArdle is an designer/illustrator/animator/director based in Toronto, Canada.

He is currently the Creative Lead at Topix FX and maintains his individual work through his longtime studio ID/iguana-den. With a degree in Fine Arts Steve has been able to bridge the traditional with the digital, and helps drive projects from award winning shorts and animations, to print, multimedia, and multidisciplinary collaborative projects. Always wanting to share ideas and knowledge, he has taught and spoken at places like the University of Tampa and the Living Arts Center, and has written for magazines such as 3DArtist, and contributed to publications focused on CG Art, and Design.

Steve's commercial work can be seen at, and on Facebook.