LightWave Training
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Octane Render for LightWave 3D Installation

Lino Grandi shows you how to properly install OctaneRender 2.0 for LightWave 3D

Mon 18 Aug 2014

Lino Grandi offers a step-by-step demo of how to install OTOY's OctaneRender 2.0 plugin for LightWave 3D to take advantage of hybrid CPU/GPU rendering speeds and quality.

Lighting Concept Art in LightWave

Neil Maccormack shares his tecnique for modeling, Lighting and Rendering an External Scene in LightWave

Thu 14 Aug 2014

Talented 3D artist Neil Maccormack shares some of his secrets for lighting concept art in LightWave.

Lightwave 11 Intro to Compositing Part 1

Cody Burke shares how to composite 3D models into a 2D image

Wed 19 Sep 2012

Rendering Tutorial: Photoshop PSD Export

William Vaughan shows us how to use the PSD export options in LightWave 3D

Thu 09 Sep 2010

FiberFX Tutorial: Creating a Tight Curl

William Vaughan shows us how to create tight curls in LightWave 3D

Thu 09 Sep 2010

Layout Tutorial: Hypervoxels

William Vaughan shows us how to create a Slug using hypervoxels in LightWave 3D

Wed 23 Jun 2010

Rendering Tutorial: Render Buffer View

William Vaughan shows us the Render Buffer View in Layout

Fri 18 Jun 2010

Texturing Tutorial: Using Light Incidence

William Vaughan shows us an interesting technique using Light Incidence in LightWave 3D

Wed 16 Jun 2010