Layout Tab

- Model

Tools for creating temporary geometry for Layout. In the Create > Geometry dropdown,

you will find:

Ground Plane

This will create a single plane object 10m x 10m by default. Segments can be added to create a subdivided plane suitable for converting to a SubPatch object. Combined with a displacement map this makes for an ideal simple water plane.


Cube will create a box for Layout. If you intend using Bullet with Layout-created objects, for testing, make a cube of 10m x 0.25m x 10m instead of using a Ground Plane for a floor. The pivot is only optionally centered on the bottom of the object.


Sphere will create a ball-shaped object for Layout. There is the possibility to create a tessellated sphere, which is better for Bullet. Like Cube, the sphere created will have its pivot at the center of the object and only optionally have it at the base.

Toroid will create a torus-shaped object non-interactively.