Layout Tab

- Utilities

The Utilities tab is home to unsorted plugins (in the Additional dropdown) and Scripting tools with LightWave's native LScript and Python tools. This is also where you'll come to add new plugins and scripts:

Add Plugins Command

To add plugins, choose Utilities > Plugins > Add Plugins. Navigate to the location of the plugins you want to add. Select the plugins, hold the Shift key to select an entire range or hold Ctrl to select multiple non-contiguous files. In Layout, the Add Plugins Panel appears after you select the .p file(s).

The number of individual plugins found will appear in an informational dialog. The added plugins, their type and related .p filenames are then listed in the window.

To add additional plugins from the Add Plugins Panel

Click the Add Plugins button and select one or more .p plugin files from a directory.

To add a directory of plugins

You can quickly add all of the plugins in a directory (including subdirectories) using the Scan Directory button. (It may take a few seconds to scan all of your plugin files. Be patient!)

Edit Plugins Command

(default keyboard shortcut Alt F11)

Use the Edit Plugins command to review and delete plugins that have been added. In Layout, choose Utilities> Plugins > Edit Plugins.

To delete a plugin command

You can delete a plugin command by selecting it and clicking the Delete button. (Other commands from the plugin will continue to exist.) Click Clear to delete all plugins listed. These operations have no effect on the actual files stored on your hard drives.

To rename a plugin command:You can rename a plugin command’s name by selecting it, clicking the Rename button and entering a new name.

File Grouping Method

If desired, you can list the Plugin commands by their .p plugin filenames. Just select the File Grouping Method button at the bottom of the Edit Plugins Panel.