Turbulence FD Fire Logo

Turbulence FD for LightWave 3D offers an advanced simulation tool that enables artists to bring their logos or designs to life with realistic fire and smoke effects.

When setting fire to a logo or design, Turbulence FD provides an intuitive set of controls for adjusting the behavior, appearance, and motion of the flames, ensuring that the fire interacts naturally with the elements of the design. Users can manipulate variables such as ignition sources, fuel amount, combustion properties, and smoke dispersion to achieve the desired intensity and style of the fire effect.

This capability is especially useful for creating eye-catching visual effects that add a dramatic flair to logos, titles, and promotional materials. With Turbulence FD, designers have the power to produce captivating fire simulations that enhance their creative visions, making it an indispensable tool for adding a dynamic and visceral impact to any LightWave 3D project.