Student Spotlight: Moises Rejano Arjona

From visual effects to video games, students at FX Animation rely on LightWave to prepare for their careers in real-world production environments.

Wed 04 May 2016

Founded in 2006, FX Animation (Barcelona) became one of Europe's top 3D and VFX schools. From visual effects to video games, students rely on LightWave to prepare for their careers in real-world production environments. Through this interview, the student and LightWave artist Moisés Rejano Arjona shares his own path to become a real professional with a very unique skillset.

Artist Spotlight: Riccardo Zema

Lovely inspirations form this LightWave 3D artist

Fri 15 Apr 2016

The LightWave artist Riccardo Zema possesses incredible talent when it comes to creating lovely 3D characters and impressive environments! Expressing his creativity through the power of LightWave 3D, Zema reveals in this great interview the keys of his success: passion and originality. Journey to Riccardo’s rich and unique fantasy world and get ready to discover his inspiring artwork.

LAYAN Project Unveiled

Muharraqi Studios relies on LightWave throughout the production pipeline for countless projects, including the creation of this breathtaking project—Layan—a luxury resort hotel in the Durrat Marina (Middles East)

Fri 15 Apr 2016

Muharraqi Studios shows once again his talent through this spectacular project, first of its kind in the world: considered as the most desirable locations in Bahrain at Durrat Marina, Layan simply defines luxury. Working simultaneously on the architectural project as well as the marketing side, these highly skilled LightWave 3D artists bring life to this breathtaking luxury residential waterpark. And each time LightWave plays an extremely important role in their production pipeline. Get ready to be impressed by the talent of Muharraqi Studios!

We have a Winner!

The LightWave Holiday Challenge 2015/2016 is a wrap and the winner is revealed!

Fri 15 Apr 2016

The Annual LightWave Holiday Challenge has drawn to a close! Congratulations to Milivoj Popovic, who wins the challenge with this lovely image! He will receive LightWave 2015, ChronoSculpt and NevronMotion software. Thanks to everyone for participating and stay tuned for the next contest! In case you missed it, you can check out the contest here.

Voidrunner, Welcome to the Void!

This very talented independent game company reveals the reasons that they favor LightWave 3D for their game production

Fri 15 Apr 2016

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a space fighter pilot and flying through some surreal landscapes? With Voidrunner, get ready for an intense aerial dogfight! Developed by RealityArts, Voidrunner is an innovative multiplayer flight game that introduces FPS (First Person Shooter) controls to the flight game genre and showcases some impressive exotic and epic landscapes. Co-Founder & Project Director, Ismail Kemal Ciftcioglu and Kemal Günel, Lead 3D Artist, explain how they gained a major speed and quality boost from using LightWave. “Like an army waiting to do their creative bidding", LightWave became their greatest weapons in their arsenal.

Sleepy Hollow S3E13

Once again, the award winning animation studio Lemonade3d is showing impressive work with LightWave 3D!

Fri 15 Apr 2016

The Season 3 Episode 13 of the iconic FOX TV series Sleepy Hollow has been showing talent of the award winning animation studio Lemonade3D.  The very talented CG artists knew there were several sequences that would directly benefit from using LightWave in the pipeline. Once again, LightWave 3D was their weapon of choice.

Virtual Tour in the Ancient City of Lviv

Grafo-Mania creates this amazing interactive 3D installation of the city of Lviv as it looked like in mid-18th century

Fri 15 Apr 2016

Based on the work of the Polish architect and art historian, Janusz Witwicki, Grafo-Mania, a graphic studio specialized in architectural visualizations and real-time visualization, had to rebuild over 180 miniature buildings, including minuscule houses, churches and monasteries using 2 powerful software packages: LightWave and Unity. Thanks to their amazing work people can now immerse themselves and navigate freely in the ancient city of Lviv. A nice virtual way to learn the city’s history!

Ocassus, a Sci-Fi movie

First Science Fiction movie ever been produced primarily in Argentina delivers plenty of exciting VFX created with LightWave 3D

Fri 15 Apr 2016

Three groups of film makers (2 from Argentina and 1 from the United States) have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for their latest project, Ocassus - a Sci-Fi movie. Ocassus, first Science Fiction movie ever been produced primarily in Argentina, delivers plenty of exciting VFX created with LightWave 3D. To showcase the project a trailer has just been revealed to public. Get ready for some fantastic action!