Chrono Clavis Project

See how a single artist used LightWave 3D to deliver her vision.

Posted: Wed 09 Nov 2016

Over the course of five years, the talented Japanese artist Hajime Kurono learned the ins and outs of LightWave 3D to realize her vision--creating and producing her own animated short film. From directing, modeling to animation and effects, Kurono has been working alone on all these aspects to bring her very original and personal animated film to life. Check out this great example of 3D animation and see how a single artist used LightWave to deliver her vision.


Chrono Clavis is my first independent work and everything was done using Lightwave 3D. From directing, modeling to animation and effects, I have been working alone on all these aspects.  I have spent almost 5 years working intensely on this project with about 80% of the work now completed, except rendering. The project—a 110 minute movie— will be hopefully unveiled in 2017 on YouTube.

What motivated you and how did you used LightWave 3D to make this possible?

I really enjoy working with LightWave 3D because it is super-fast on launch (you can start working in less than 0.5 seconds) and very simple to use. This helps to make my creative process enjoyable and get my work done very quickly.

Another important point is that LightWave 3D is very economical!!! It saves my money and I can use LightWave 3D for everything! It is hard to find a 3D application that enables you to model, animate and render, all in just one package! It is LightWave that allows me to do everything that I can imagine as an artist.

Were there any techniques, features or tools that have been used in LightWave 3D?

Every function of LightWave 3D is very special for me but if I must choose one I will say that Instances is one of my favorite features. I am a big fan of it and this is a revolutionary function for me. Super-fast and easy to use, it makes each shot gorgeous by providing amazing amounts of detail!! I also love working with Nodes, this is another feature I appreciate in LightWave 3D.

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