Create great Cel-Shading look with "YS plug-ins"

The president of Sublimation reveals the secrets behind these amazing cel-shad animation tools

Posted: Wed 26 Apr 2017

Have you ever dreamed about learning and using the best cel-shaded animation tools from a top 3D Japanese animation studio? With the YS plug-ins you can add powerful tools created by the Japanese studios, Yamatoworks and Sublimation, to your personal toolkit. Learn how these unique tools could boost your creativity and hear Mr. Atsushi Koishikawa, President of Sublimation, reveal the reasons why they have been developing these in-house LightWave 3D plug-ins for cel-shaded animation!


Interview with Mr. Koishikawa, President of Sublimation, Inc.:

Your company has been developing "YS plug-ins" with YAMATOWORKS. Could you tell us something about those plug-ins?

We started developing these plugins while we were co-producing "Gatchaman Crows" CG effects with two other companies. We were using different in-house proprietary LightWave plugins in our pipeline. As we were able to see the good and bad of each other's plugins, we realized that we could join our efforts together and create a set of unique plugins which would be better for us both.

Also, while we were working with YAMATOWORKS on several projects we decided to add some new functions to our in-house plugins. This is how YS plug-ins was born.

YS plug-ins will be released with 7 different plugins and so far, 5 different plugins are available. Any LightWave 2015 user can download them for free. They are mainly developed for creating the cel-shaded look for CG animation more efficiently and the included feature sets are requested by our creators who are using a well-respected animation workflow. Basically, LightWave users can create cel-shaded renders without YS Plugins, but by using these tools it is possible to create cel-shaded CG animation more efficiently.

This plug-in is available for LightWave 2015.x and Windows system only.
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