Get creative with Chris Scalf

Learn how this talented artist relies on LightWave 3D to create amazing 3D animated paintings

Posted: Tue 28 Mar 2017

Have you ever dreamed about bringing life to your digital art? With LightWave 3D artist Chris Scalf, learn how to turn your digital art into a 3D painting!

This month, Chris Scalf shares his amazing processes for creating his "animated paintings” and he is now making them available so that you can view them on his Gumroad channel. These files will give other artists a deeper look into his project and reveal his special techniques in LightWave 3D used to create one of his stunning animated paintings. Chris also welcomes and encourages users to rearrange/alter and render their own version and share them with the CG community.  Why don’t you have a go at it and share with us?

Chris Scalf:

"The process is mostly aimed at preserving the integrity of the various styles of 2D painting. There are a few steps to doing this that are a little bit outside of the box, and users might be surprised to learn what they are. That's why I have made available the assets used to create my sci fi scenery using transparency channels in LightWave. The files can be found here:

LightWave, in my opinion, has the fastest “on the surface” access to make this happen. I have tried it with other popular 3D programs, and unfortunately the ability to make this happen through these other software packages is buried so deep, there really isn't time for a full-time illustrator to learn it. But I have found that LightWave 3D has just what is needed. And it is close enough to the surface that an illustrator (who has no intentions of learning to become a 3D CGI expert) can access them quickly."

"I have spent years researching ways to make this happen, as I am a commercial artist who has only DAYS to knock out fast animatics and storyboards for clients. Therefore, it is necessary to have a quick pipeline that is art-based without taking too much time to prep in a workflow.
This is why I am now going to try and make this known to as many concept artists and illustrators as possible, as I feel it will be good for the community, industry, and can only help the need for what artists such as myself have to offer in this area.

So, watch for these tutorials to come very soon, and in the meantime, please enjoy these files that I make accessible. Other technique videos are available on the Gumroad page here:"

"This is an overview of the process in which I do my “animated paintings”. I am still creation tutorials, but I think most people want an overview first, before they dive into this process. It is a bit outside of the box, very “art-based”, and it is very fast for artists who are fast. As I indicate in this video, this is a no holds barred gritty demo, with all of the uglies still left in the process, was I am literally doing this inside of a couple of hours. But you can well imagine that this technique is very viable to use in a lot of different forms of projects. Even a small group of artists could make a whole movie with this. So check it out… Stay tuned for more"

More information about Chris Scalf:

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