LightWave 3D Inspirations

Beautiful LightWave Images from Artur Zgódka, Neil MacCormack & Jet Cooper

Posted: Wed 09 Nov 2016

This month three amazingly talented LightWave 3D artists, Artur Zgódka, Neil MacCormack & Jet Cooper show to the world the awesome power of LightWave by creating these incredible images. Send us your best 3D images and we will include the best on the LightWave Gallery. It is fun to show your talent and great to grow your career by introducing your skills and abilities to a worldwide audience.  The top images may be selected for global advertising, which gives great exposure to our amazing LightWave artists.

  Artur Zgódka

 "AwayTeam" by Neil MacCormack

 "Clockwork Dragonfly" by Jet Cooper