Ricardo Urbano Hyundai

A great example of CG image created with LightWave 3D

Posted: Thu 10 Nov 2016

LightWave 3D gives you the tools needed to create great visual effects! When making art for Advertising, digital artist Ricardo Urbano uses LightWave 3D to create incredibly lifelike advertisements and product videos. One of his latest project was to recreate a football stadium in 3D for a TV commercial for the compact crossover SUV Hyundai Tucson. See how LightWave 3D played a great role in rendering the project.

This project was created for La Bicicleta AD, a digital post production studio based in Madrid I regularly work for. My job was to rebuild a digital soccer stadium with people moving and waving flags. The first step consisted in preparing an animatic matching the shot of the filmed car.

After tracking the scene, I started to model the football stadium and the environment (lights tower and trees) based on a reference photo. The terraces contained three  layers: 3D moving dummies, moving flags and confetti falling into the field.

The grass had to be prepared in detail so that repetitions would not be noticed and had a realistic appearance. To do this, I prepared a small sample of grass instanced through the field and applied an high resolution texture on the Y axis.

The scene was rendered with Octane Render plugin for Lightwave in several layers, then composed and color graded by La Bicicleta Ad.

Visit his web site at www.ricardourbano.com