Spacecraft Modeling

Digital Artist Dirk Steffens shares an insight into his latest modeling and texturing project

Posted: Tue 13 Dec 2016

Over the years, the talented artist Dirk Steffens (aka Luke) learned the ins and outs of LightWave 3D to realize his vision--creating space scenes. Originally dedicated to Product Design, Steffens combined his powerful modeling skills with the amazing LightWave 3D tools to create this beautiful example of a spacecraft model. Still a WIP, he is using this project to grow his own modeling and texturing skills. See how a single artist used LightWave 3D, OctaneRender and 3D-Coat to deliver his vision.

Be sure to check his website to get the latest update on this project!

Learn more about Dirk Steffens:
ArtStation: lukeskydiver
Youtube: airsteve65