Tutorials, Plugins and Freebies

A list of new LightWave tutorials, plugins and freebies

Posted: Fri 26 Feb 2016

The LightWave Community has been very active this month. So we've created for you a list of new LightWave tutorials, plugins and freebies useful to any LightWave artist. There's lots to see and discover, so sit back and enjoy!


Seashell Tutorial by PrometheusPhamarus

An(i)ma to Lightwave workflow tutorial by Captainmarlowe

An Ivy Generator (LightWave Workflow) V1.3 (32bit) by Lightwave Guru

Match Perspective Tutorial by sbrady

LightWave Rocks Tutorial by PrometheusPhamarus

Rounder tool for complex mesh in LightWave 3D by Slade

Simple Metalink Use by Mark Warmer
LightWave to MotionBuilder by 3ATIVE

Great basic LightWave 3D Tutorials in spanish by VFXTH Español


TrueArt LightWave 3D PlugIn TrueType Text 1 / Check out also the TrueType Text 2 and TrueType Text 3 videos

Rope Editor Plus for LightWave 3D by Artur Zgódka


Create texture or pattern in Photoshop with just one click with nMaker or FREE Seamless Textures Generator by Orange Box Ceo
Free Chandelier 3D model by Khaled Seghier‎.