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Flocking Fruit...Yum!

Cody Burke shows you transfer agents with the LightWave flocking feature to create a tasty motion graphic

Wed 14 May 2014

Resident LightWave artist Cody Burke explains how to transfer agents from one mesh to another using the flocking system in LightWave 11.6 to create an unusual motion graphic.

Getting a FaceShift

3D Artist Fabio Annunziata shows how to animate a LightWave model in FaceShift and bring it back into LightWave

Wed 14 May 2014

3D artist Fabio Annunziata has created a tutorial that shows you how to set up a model in LightWave, import it into Faceshift markerless motion capture software to perform face tracking. He then exports the model and brings it back into LightWave.


Playing with Fire

Mark Hennessy-Barrett shows you how to use Turbulence FD with LightWave

Thu 08 May 2014

Digital artists need to know how to not only walk on fire, they need to know how to create it, too. Mark Hennessy-Barrett shares the function of Turbulence FD plugin in LightWave to create explosive results. A two-part video demonstration presented at the Los Angeles LightWave User Group meeting. 

Camera Mapping, Camera Matching

Pete Sussi shares his skills for camera mapping and camera matching in LightWave

Wed 30 Apr 2014

A detailed how-to  video tutorial created by Pete Sussi of Platinum Platypus that shows how to do camera matching and camera mapping in LightWave 3D. 

Recreating a Masterpiece with LightWave

Artist Zsolt Ekho Farkas walks you through the process of creating Benczúr Gyula's 2D painting Budavár Repossession in LightWave

Wed 23 Apr 2014

Ekho Farkas is no stranger to challenges—he took on the 2013 LightWave 3D Holiday Challenge and his entry emerged as the Facebook Fan Favorite. Recently, he took on a much larger challenge—recreating Benczúr Gyula's 19th century masterpiece "Budavár Repossession,” which hangs in the National Gallery of Hungary. See the shot breakdown Farkas shares for recreating this masterpiece in LightWave.

Tutorials Take You Inside HDR Light Studio for LightWave

DJ Waterman offers two tutorials designed to give you insight into the power of this new plugin

Wed 05 Mar 2014

With the release of the new HDR Light Studio plugin for LightWave 10 and higher, artist DJ Waterman has created two videos designed to show you the features of the new HDR Light Studio plugin for LightWave. Get a features run down, learn more about the program and download the demo here.

Video Tutorial: Modeling a Dolphin in LightWave 11

Artist Steve White shares how to use Subdivision Surfaces for Organic Modeling

Thu 13 Feb 2014

Who doesn’t love an in-depth LightWave how-to video tutorial? Artist Steve White has answered the call with a dolphin tutorial created with LightWave 11.5/11.6 SubD Surfaces. This video is only the first part in the series, so be sure to watch the remaining chapters in the description below in the YouTube video.

Using Raycast in LightWave 11.6

Jennifer Hachigian shares how to use this powerful new LightWave 11.6 feature in your 3D pipeline

Thu 16 Jan 2014

Want to learn more about the new Raycasting feature in LightWave 11.6? At a recent LightWave User Group in LA, Jennifer Hachigian shows how to put this powerful new tool to work in your LightWave pipeline.