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Thu 29 Oct 2015

A Japanese competition organized by D-Storm and LightWave 3D, the Wavy Awards 2015-2016 is celebrating his 10th Anniversary this year! Dedicated to recognizing exceptional Japanese LightWave artists, this competition is there to help users and give them the chance to present their amazing 3D CG works to some of the famous LightWave legends and professionals from the CG industry. This event is also there to help studios to create the next generation of talented 3DCG artists. So if you are a LightWave 3D artist in japan, don't miss the chance to show your talent! This competition is made for you!

LightWave 2015 Update 3 Now Available

Offers fixes and updates to LightWave 2015, including enhanced interchange tools for GoZ, FBX, Alembic and much more

Mon 10 Aug 2015

The LightWave 3D® Group  announced today the release of LightWave 2015 Update 3 during SIGGRAPH Week 2015. This latest update  offers numerous fixes and improvements, including interchange enhanements for AE CC2015, FBX, Unity,Alembic, GoZ and more, as well as system updates for Python and support for NVIDIA Optimus technology.

Free 90-Day LightWave 2015 Full Feature Trial Available SIGGRAPH Week 2015

fully test the robust features of LightWave 2015 for 90 days without any limitations. We also kick off a new series of free Quick Start LightWave 2015 videos

Mon 10 Aug 2015

The LightWave 3D® Group wants to get LightWave 2015 in the hands of all 3D artists. During SIGGRAPH Week 2015, August 10-17, 2015 artists can download a no-cost full feature 90-day trial version of LightWave 2015 3D software to explore the software’s flexibility and performance in the pipeline. To fully unlock all the features of the 90-day free LightWave 2015 trial, users must register the software when downloading at the LightWave 3D website

LightWave 3D Group and 3rd Powers Team Up to Offer Powerful Creativity Bundle

During SIGGRAPH Week 2015 buy a full license of LightWave 2015 and receive 3rd Powers Full Suite of Plugins Free - a $600+ value

Mon 10 Aug 2015

The LightWave 3D® Group has teamed up with Japan-based software developer 3rd Powers to deliver the “Powerful Creativity Bundle,“ featuring a new full license of LightWave 2015 and a complete suite of plugins for LightWave created by 3rd Powers. During SIGGRAPH Week, August 10-17, 2015, artists who buy LightWave 2015 for $995 (USD) will receive free of charge the entire suite of 3rd Powers plugins for LightWave valued at more than $600 (USD). These include LW Brush, Cage Deformer, Lattice Deformer, Meta Mesh, Boolean Tool, and Heat Shrink Plus. Upgrade from earlier versions of LightWave and receive the 3rd Powers LW Brush plugin (a $169 value) free of charge.

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Goes Interactive with LightWave 3D and Unity

Artists virtually reconstruct the Villa Tugendhat, a 1930s architectural icon and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in the Czech Republic, for viewing on desktop and mobile devices

Tue 24 Feb 2015

Over the course of two years, and as time allowed, the digital artists at InterMoca worked to reconstruct the Tugendhat virtual villa, using LightWave 3D and a variety of tools, including WTools3D’s LWCAD, to create a version of the villa to be viewed in real time on desktops and mobile devices.

LightWave 3D Group Unveils Get the Love $695 Crossgrade Promotion for all 2D and 3D Software

For a limited time, add the powerful, easy-to-use modeling, rendering and animation tools in LightWave 3D to any creative pipeline at an exclusive price

Fri 13 Feb 2015

The LightWave 3D Group, a division of NewTek, Inc., is offering a $695 (USD) crossgrade price for a full license of LightWave 2015 software to current owners of all other 2D and 3D software programs for only $695, a savings of $300 over the current $995 (USD) retail price of LightWave. The $695 crossgrade offer is set to end February 20, 2015

Annual LightWave Holiday Challenge Winners

The 2014 Challenge is a Wrap and the winners are revealed!

Tue 06 Jan 2015

The Annual LightWave Holiday Challenge has drawn to a close! This year there was a dead heat for the winning image--one traditional, the other futuristic. The judging ended in a tie, which means there are two winners: Lorenzo Zitta (Futuristic) and Nads Ads (Traditional). Both artists will receive LightWave 2015, ChronoSculpt and NevronMotion for their winning entries.

LightWave 2015 Unveiled; New Price Announced

New LightWave release adds features for artists, animators and designers for improved creativity and workflow.

Mon 24 Nov 2014

The LightWave 3D Group opens the door to a new era of creativity for artists, animators and designers working in 3D with the release of LightWave 2015 software for Windows and Mac operating systems. Also with the release of LightWave 2015 comes a new pricing structure: $995 (USD) for a full seat and $495 (USD) upgrade from LightWave 11.x or earlier.