April 2013 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Thu 25 Apr 2013

April was a very exciting month in the land of LightWave. We kicked off the month at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas, where the new After Effects Interchange in LightWave 11.5 received plenty of excitement around broadcast and motion graphics. We also dropped an unexpected surprise at NAB with a technology preview of real-time mocap in LightWave using a Microsoft Kinect (watch our NAB videos and prepare yourself!) This month we introduce Studio Spotlight, where we take up-and-coming studios like NY-based Platinum Platypus and share their work and successes with you. Then it's on to Dracano, an independent film where Rogue State turned to LightWave 11.5 to create the visual effects. We also highlight Shabyat, in which Bahrain-based Muharraqi Studios uses LightWave to create the extremely unique landscapes and buildings for the TV program. On to training where Cody Burke and Lino Grandi offer video tutorials that focus on Bullet Soft Bodies in LightWave 11.5.  We laugh at Normal by French Artist Sylvain Delmé who uses LightWave 11.5 to create his animated parodies for the web. Then go into the minds of Iron Sky Artists Samuli Torssonen and Kelly Myers in an interview about how LightWave helped keep the production on schedule. We close it out with a nod to the new LightWave Pinterest page (follow us) and a call for submissions for SIGGRAPH Asia 2013. 

March 2013 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Tue 12 Mar 2013

The LightWave 11.5 momentum continues to build! This month you'll find several ways to take advantage of LightWave 11.5's  many new features with a FREE 30-day full feature version of LightWave 11.5, which is now available for download. We have also teamed up with WTools3D, creators of LWCAD to introduce a new Architectural Design Bundle that includes LightWave 11.5 and a brand new version of LWCAD 4.5 CAD tools for LightWave. It offers everything architects, set designers and interior designers need to create stunning visualizations and animation. The March Power Artist Eugenio Garcia Villareal, based in Monterrey, Mexico, shares his  incredible visuals and story of breaking into 3D. LightWave's rigging expert Lino Grandi takes you through a wealth of new LightWave 11.5 Genoma tutorials and Cody Burke shares how to use the GoZ feature in LightWave in a polypainting tutorial. We also highlight the many videos for Beginners in the OfficialLightWave3D channel on YouTube. We round out the month with Ben Cooper recreating the "Ratatouille" kitchen with LightWave and a new LightWave contest kicks of on Facebook that utilizes the VoluMedic plug-in


February 2013 LightWave Newsletter

A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Wed 06 Feb 2013

In our first newsletter of 2013, we are proud to announce the availability of LightWave 11.5—showcasing its robust features with a new video created by the LightWave 3D Group. Keeping with the LightWave 11.5 theme, we also highlight how to upgrade from LightWave 11 to LightWave 11.5 and offer a first look from 3D World magazine on its favorite LightWave 11.5 features. Wrapping up our LightWave 11.5 focus is a refresher course on how to use the Genoma character rigging system. Our Power Artist of the month is DJ Waterman, an Australian artist whose love of cars is brought to life with LightWave. We also highlight an 1957 Aston Martin model that artist Paul Hutchens is offering as a free download, along with free downloadable architectural fixtures models from MX 3D Models. We close out the issue with a recent story from which highlights LightWave in its story “These Days, Everyone’s George Lucas.”